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Web Design & Development

Almost all (97%) of your prospective customers do online research before making buying decisions. Your website is either helping or hurting your business. A great website is about more than looks, it is about getting results.

Marketing & Advertising

A great online marketing strategy is one that will enable you to show up in front of your target audience with SEO, social media, etc., so you can engage with them to build that all important know – like – trust relationship that leads to new business.

Marketing Automation

Convert more leads into clients by building a pipeline of engaged contacts and then nurture them with quality content at just the right time. Putting the right software and systems in place so that your marketing is on autopilot has never been easier.

Coaching & Consulting

Expert guidance and support is essential to accelerating the results in your business while at the same time saving you time, money, and countless hours of frustration from dead-ends. Having the right partner makes all the difference in the world.

Recent Articles

Two Things You Should Know About Pictures on Your Website

3rd February 2016

Time and time again I see key pages on a website using pictures the wrong way. Frequently, the pictures are used to make the page more attractive. Attractive is nice – but too often that was as far as the thinking went, and the result is an under-performing page that leaves a lot of money on the table. Most website owners are shocked when they find out about a little change to the pictures on their key pages can make sign-ups and sales jump through the roof. Let’s take a look at 2 tiny little changes that deliver big results. Read the full article →

What People Look for on Your Website

20th January 2016

Why do people visit your website? What do they do when they get there? What exactly are they looking for? A crystal clear understanding of the answer to these questions is essential for a highly successful website. Let’s explore what people look for on small business websites. Read the full article →

Are you running your business or is it running you?

6th January 2016

Just another day spent working in the business instead of running it like a CEO. Although the day started with hope and good intentions, by the end of the day it was clear that today wasn’t really any different than any other work day. Most small business owners find themselves in this situation, stuck on a runaway train – unable to adapt to changing conditions in the marketplace, unable to get off the train until it runs out of track. Not a pretty picture, but does it have to stay this way? What have others discovered that has enabled them to break free and become the master of their own destiny? Read the full article →

Getting the Right People on Your Team

20th August 2015

As the interview was wrapping up, I thought to myself, “There’s no way this kid will ever work for me.” It wasn’t that the guy looked unusual, he just acted strange. He began the interview by criticizing the color of the walls (which I had painted myself), sat on his feet in the office chair, and had a most unkempt appearance. He just seemed bizarre and I couldn’t imagine adding him to my team. After I had finished interviewing all of the applicants, I looked back over the disappointing résumés. Then I had an epiphany. I remembered something from my HR classes in college that enabled me to hire someone who did a terrific job. Let’s look at two keys that you can use to get the right people on your team. Read the full article →

Is this right?

6th August 2015

“Can you help me?” This was the question that I was asked at a recent workshop. My new friend went on to explain that he’d recently doubled the number of people visiting his website but the number of leads that he was getting had stayed the same? As we discussed his situation, I recognized the problem. You see, he was laboring under a common myth, one that I see a lot. Could this myth be hindering your results as well? Read the full article →