7 Free Tools You Should Use In Your Business

There are a ton of great tools online to help your business and your website.  Here are my top 7 favorite free tools that every business should use.  Some of these can be put to use in less than a minute without having to make changes to your website!

1 – Talkwalker Alerts

2 – Google Alerts

These two tools will send you an email when your name, business name, etc. shows up on the Internet. This is a great way to discover new articles that mention or link to you, reviews, etc.

When was the last time that you Googled your name or your business name?  This is something that you should be doing on a regular basis.  At a minimum, you need to know how you show up so you see what other people see when they look for you.  If you see something you don’t like, there are things that can be done to change that.  If you need help or have questions, just let me know.

3 – Google Webmasters

This is an essential tool that your webmaster should have configured for your website.  It provides details about how many times your website shows up when people search Google for different keywords.  It shows how Google “sees” your website.  If there is a major problem with your website, this is where Google will let you know about it.

Google Webmasters is one of several essential free tools for your website.

Google Webmasters is one of several essential free tools for your website.

4 – Google Analytics

Questions like: How many people come to your website? How do people find your website? How long do people spend looking around your website? What pages do they look at? What are your most popular pages? How many people came to your website from social media?, these questions along with many others can be answered with this tool.

5 – Google Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile is here to stay.  If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you need to know so you can get it fixed.  This tool shows you if your site is compliant with Google’s Mobile Standards.

6 – Google PageSpeed Insights

Don’t you just hate it when a website takes forever to load?  There can be a lot of different factors that cause a website to load slowly, and just because it loads slowly for you doesn’t mean that it loads slowly for everyone else.  This is where 3rd party tools are important.  You need to know whether or not Google considers that your website loads slowly.  Slow websites are penalized in search results.  This tool shows how fast your site loads for Google and will identify any problems related to loading speed.

7 – Google Keyword Planner

An essential part of showing up well in the search engines is to select the right keywords.  This tool shows you how many people actually use different keyword phrases.

There are tons of tools – both free and paid – that are available online.  Some work great and others don’t.  These 7 free tools for your website are essentials that you’ll be glad you have working for you. These tools provide business owners and webmasters with valuable and actionable insights about their online presence. When properly implemented, they can have a powerful impact on your business.


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