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Web Design & Development

Almost all (97%) of your prospective customers do online research before making buying decisions. Your website is either helping or hurting your business. A great website is about more than looks, it is about getting results.

Marketing & Advertising

A great online marketing strategy is one that will enable you to show up in front of your target audience with SEO, social media, etc., so you can engage with them to build that all important know – like – trust relationship that leads to new business.

Marketing Automation

Convert more leads into clients by building a pipeline of engaged contacts and then nurture them with quality content at just the right time. Putting the right software and systems in place so that your marketing is on autopilot has never been easier.

Coaching & Consulting

Expert guidance and support is essential to accelerating the results in your business while at the same time saving you time, money, and countless hours of frustration from dead-ends. Having the right partner makes all the difference in the world.

Recent Articles

The 4 ways people use your website and what you should do about it

10th August 2016

I know some people who hate asking for directions and will avoid it until they have exhausted all other alternatives. Finally, embarrassed and forced to admit to themselves that they can’t find their way, they stop for directions. At the other end of the spectrum are those who ask for directions before they even start driving. Regardless of which category you most identify with, both groups have one thing in common – no one likes the feeling that comes with being lost or looking for something and not finding it. The same holds true online. When people can’t find what they’re looking for on one website, they go looking for it elsewhere. Let’s take a look at the four ways that people seek information on websites and how you can best help them find what they are looking for. Read the full article →

7 Free Tools You Should Use In Your Business

13th July 2016

There are a ton of great tools online to help your business and your website.  Here are my top 7 favorite free tools that every business should use.  Some of these can be put to use in less than a minute without having to make changes to your website! Read the full article →

Website bounce rate – How high is too high?

11th May 2016

If you’ve spent any time at all looking around in your website analytics, you’ve noticed something called the “Bounce Rate.” If there is only one number that you could pay attention to, this is the one. This simple performance indicator provides powerful insight into what is and isn’t working on your website. In order to receive the full insights that this measure can provide into how well your website is really working, there are a couple of things that you must know. Let’s take a quick look at 3 ways to use the bounce rate to give insight into what’s really happening on your website. Read the full article →

Finding the critical few in your business and why it matters

27th April 2016

We sure have come a long way since the days when an odometer -style counter was a popular and accepted method to count how many times a webpage was viewed. Back then, looking at your stats was pretty simple. The information that is available for website owners about what is happening in terms of the people visiting their website has grown almost exponentially over the past decade. All this has left most website owners feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to looking at and making sense of their website statistics. If you’re really into that sort of thing, you could spend days pouring over all of the interesting information that Google Analytics provides about your website. But who has time for that? For most busy website owners, the challenge becomes how to quickly see and understand what matters most. Let’s look at 3 steps to separating the interesting information from the truly valuable information so that you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not on your website. Read the full article →

What successful social campaigns really focus on.

13th April 2016

Are you looking for the “Easy” button that will make the Internet work for you and grow your business? Unfortunately too many businesses are laboring under a fundamental misconception that Social Media is the “Easy” button that they’ve been waiting for. There are lots of examples of business who are using social very successfully to generate a lot of growth, but there are two fundamental approaches to social. One way adds value to the business and the other way always brings disappointment. Read the full article →