The 3 Key Experiences to Manage for Growing Your Business

28th March 2012

When it comes to business growth, most people think about reaching new customers or new markets. And while reaching new customers is an important way to grow a business, the fastest way to achieve growth in your business often lies in another area. In order to grow a business for the long-term, there are three key experiences that must be managed. Let’s take a look at what they are and how this is done. Read the full article →

Link Building in 2012

27th March 2012

The exact formula that Google uses to determine the rank that a page shows up in a Google search is a closely guarded secret. Not only is it a secret, but it is a secret that is constantly changing – Google is constantly tweaking and updating their ranking algorithm. Although the exact formula is a mystery, much is known about some of the factors that are core components of their search ranking algorithm. Inbound links, those links coming into a website, have been at the core of Google’s formula from the beginning. Lately, Google has made some significant changes to the way it looks at the inbound links for your website. Read the full article →

Talk about “Happy Coincidences…”

21st March 2012

As I walked into the meeting room that was quickly filling with people, I began looking for an available seat. After staking out a seat with a great view of the stage, I then turned my attention to meeting the people around. As I struck up a conversation with the person next to me I was astounded to learn that this person was an expert in the exact thing that I needed help with. What a happy coincidence! I’d recently learned about a technique that dramatically increased the number of happy coincidences like this that have taken place in my business. Here are 3 things that can help you stack the deck in your favor too. Read the full article →

How to Make Your Business Immune from Competition

20th March 2012

“How do I make my business stand out on the Internet?” is a question that I’m frequently asked. Once you master the ability to make your business stand out from the competition on-line or off-line, you gain the ability to grow your business in any economy. Standing out from the competition is not only necessary for success, it is absolutely essential for survival in the long-term. You definitely cannot afford for your business to blend into the background – you must stand out. Let’s look at 3 steps to positioning your business to stand out from the competition and maximize your business’s income potential. Read the full article →

A license to Learn

14th March 2012

With a stroke of the instructor’s pen, I was authorized to fly the airplane by myself. In that moment, that I had anticipated for so long, I felt as if I was floating. My instructor, looked me in the eye and said, “Congratulations, now you have a license to learn. Remember – it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” The instructor wanted me to understand that although I’d invested a lot of time and energy learning how to fly an airplane, the learning phase doesn’t end with reaching a milestone. Lasting success in business isn’t so much about reaching a destination as it is a journey that requires observance of… Read the full article →

How to raise your open rate and your profit

13th March 2012

The most effective way that you can engage with your audience through email is to send personalized messages that are timely. Personalized email produces higher email open rates. Higher email open rates result in higher engagement with your business. Higher engagement yields higher sales. Continuing to stay in touch with relevant personalized email after the sale, leads to higher customer retention and loyalty. Email, when it is used in the right way, can provide your business with huge rewards. Let’s look at 4 different ways you can segment your email list for increased open rates, audience engagement, profits, customer loyalty. Read the full article →

How to avoid disappointment

7th March 2012

As George* related his story, his disappointment was palpable. He was out of time and out of options. It was too late to have done things differently. The best he could do now was clean up a nasty surprise. You see, George got a tax bill that made his stomach sink. He had recently made some substantial purchases and now he felt sick. As we explored the situation, the real cause of the disappointment became clear. Although the tax bill was indeed a nasty surprise, it was in reality just a symptom that something was very seriously wrong. If you’re like most small businesses, that something that was wrong in George’s business could be causing disappointments in your business too. Read the full article →

What can Internet marketing do for you?

6th March 2012

When the customer came into the store, it was clear from his accent that he wasn’t from around here. As he was checking out, the store owner asked – “Where are you from?” “I’m from Portland,” replied the customer who went on to say that he was in the area for vacation. Now even more curios than before, the owner asked – “How did you find us?” The new customer reported that he had found the store on the Internet back home. Since he was going to be on vacation in the area, he just had to stop by. And so it began – that small retail specialty store where I worked while I studied marketing at college began to enjoy the fruit of their new Internet marketing strategy. That took place back in the mid 90’s, and today the opportunity that smart Internet marketing offers to take your business to the next level is even better than ever. Let’s look and see how the right kind of Internet marketing can support what you want to achieve in your business. Read the full article →

Finding your cloud’s silver lining

29th February 2012

Last week began with great promise. I had such high hopes and expectations for the week and then mid-week it happened. Almost imperceptibly at first – my computer stopped working. Not all of a sudden mind you, but gradually. At first it just seemed unusual that I needed to restart my computer again because it got hung up. By Thursday the problem had intensified, but I kept pushing forward, unwilling to accept that this challenge would delay my projects for the week. I simply rebooted my computer every hour or so when it got stuck and figured that I would make up for the lost productivity by working longer hours. By Friday, my poor computer became unusable and I was left feeling stressed about missing project deadlines and uncertain over the solution for my computing woes. It is often through the challenges of life that we learn significant lessons and I’d like to share what I’ve learned from this with you. Read the full article →

The Most Important Part of an Advertisement

28th February 2012

What is the most important part of an advertisement? Is it the price? Is it the unique combination of features and benefits? Is it the picture? Is it the main section of the ad? Is it the headline? As you probably guessed, although all these items are important, the single most important part of an advertisement is the headline. Let’s notice two different of advertising headlines that generated large responses and why these headlines worked so much better than the original ad’s headline. Read the full article →