Has someone smeared your reputation online?

16th April 2015

What will happen if your clients, prospective clients, vendors, partners, reporters, or peers search for you online and stumble across this kind of negative information? What kind of impact will this have on your business? Safeguarding your online reputation is now more important than ever with search engine features that show negative information about you to anyone who happens to be searching for you. Do you know how to find out what is being said about you online? Read the full article →

The Myth Keeping Businesses From Bigger Growth

4th March 2015

“We’re about to see some really big growth. I’m hearing good reports coming in and I can sense that we are on the verge of something really big.” If I’ve heard that conversation once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. Unfortunately, that dream of growth is unrealized – held hostage by an insidious myth that keeps things from really moving forward. Let’s expose the myth that keeps so many business owners from realizing their big dreams. Read the full article →

The Real Reason People Visit Your Website

5th February 2015

One of the biggest barriers that stands between websites that are highly profitable and those that aren’t is clarity, or the lack thereof, about who comes to your website and why. Until you know very specifically why people come to your website, it will never be very effective. Website usability experts have a technique that you can use to discover the real reasons people visit your website. Read the full article →

How to determine your ideal marketing budget

22nd January 2015

As Tiffany thought about the future of her business, she felt a mix of excitement and overwhelm. Excitement about the possibilities for growth and expansion, mixed with a sense of overwhelm about being able to make it happen. “I know that in order to create the growth I want, I’ll need to spend more money on advertising, but I don’t really know how much I should be spending,” she confessed. “How can I determine what my ideal marketing budget should be?” Read the full article →

What People Expect On Your Website

8th January 2015

Expectations are a delicate thing. They can’t be left alone – they must be actively managed. Too often, the expectations of customers and prospects are considered only as an after-thought, if at all. When this happens, it is like playing roulette with customer satisfaction – occasionally you’ll come out all right, but in the end the house always wins. Let’s look at how you can quickly and effectively increase the amount of business that your website brings you by properly managing expectations. Read the full article →

Three Keys to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

25th December 2014

Each year people set resolutions for the New Year ahead. For most folks, by the time February or March roll around, those resolutions are long forgotten and won’t be thought of until they are set yet again the following January. The secret to making a resolution stick is not simply will-power. The secret lies in the three simple keys that make it easy for resolutions to be kept. Read the full article →

How to Create Compelling Content

11th December 2014

The teacher droned on seemingly oblivious to the fact that most of students were clearly checked out mentally. The monotonous lecture was not unlike one of the scenes from the Ferris Beuller movie of the ‘80s. In a classroom setting, the audience may not have a whole lot of choice on whether or not to suffer through the message, but out in the marketplace, that isn’t the case. The fastest way to lose the interest of your target audience, or fail to captivate their interest in the first place, is to be perceived as boring or irrelevant. Let’s take a behind the scenes look at how the most compelling content is created and a couple of key mistakes to avoid in the process. Read the full article →

The Most Overlooked Cause of E-commerce Website Failure

27th November 2014

Sally still had $372 available on her store gift card when she decided to give up. After spending the last fifteen minutes fighting with the website, she finally threw in the towel and quit, even though she knew that in doing so she would lose the remaining balance on the gift card. Amazingly, Sally’s experience is not unusual. Studies have repeatedly found that it is not uncommon for people to leave a website before they bought what they came there to buy. The underlying issue at the core of this e-commerce failure may surprise you and it certainly has implications for non e-commerce websites as well. Read the full article →

How to Give Your Website a Performance Boost

13th November 2014

Many website owners look at the profitability of their website as a matter of luck. The problem with that theory is that luck comes in streaks and always runs out. Who wants to gamble with their livelihood? The truth is that the profitability of your website has much to do with a couple of key areas and little to do with luck. There are a few areas of your website that when focused on, almost always provide an immediate boost in performance. If you want to increase the number of leads, sign-ups, or sales through your website, then keep reading. Read the full article →

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

30th October 2014

The very best looking website in the world will still be a failure if it has no traffic. A website can’t make any money if it is a well-kept secret. Getting more traffic, of and by itself, is not enough to make an unprofitable site profitable. You’ve got to increase the right kind of traffic. When you get more of the right kind of traffic coming to your site, your site is able to deliver a steady stream of leads or sales into your business. Let’s look at where you can find the right kind of traffic for your website. Read the full article →