How You Can Use Incentive Programs

16th October 2014

The number of new patient appointments had really dropped off over the last several weeks, and the doctor was obviously concerned. He had identified the problem, but the solution was still a mystery. The problem was that his primary source of new patient appointments was experiencing a slump and was therefore unable to refer a steady stream of new patients to the doctor. The solution was a simple one that has worked in many different types of businesses. Let’s take a look at how you can put the right kind of incentive program to work for your business. Read the full article →

How to Discover Your Most Valuable Source of Traffic

18th September 2014

Greg’s problem was all too common. He had traffic, and he was getting good leads through his website, but what he didn’t have was any idea where his top leads were coming from. He had worked hard to increase the traffic coming to his website and his efforts had finally paid off. Now it was time to focus on streamlining his website marketing efforts and cut out all the stuff that wasn’t paying off. Without knowing where his best leads were coming from, he didn’t know where to start. He knew that trying to figure it out by trial and error would be costly in both time and money, and he knew deep inside that there had to be a better way. Let’s take a look at how you can see where your most valuable website traffic is coming from. Read the full article →

The Disaster That Almost Crippled Walt’s Business

4th September 2014

Walt was shocked as he reviewed the email. Where were they all coming from? As he scanned over the day’s transactions on his website’s shopping cart he saw hundreds and hundreds of declined transactions. This was highly unusual. His transaction volume had gone through the roof and he had no idea why. It would be 24 hours before he found out that his merchant account had been blown up as result of the day’s activity. What happened next is very instructive. Read the full article →

3 Common Mistakes That Increase Unsubscribes

21st August 2014

One of the fastest ways to critically damage your relationship with your customers and prospects is to mess up the communication part of the relationship. Done right, email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your customers and prospects. When used properly to add value to your subscribers, this can be a very powerful tool in your marketing tool belt. Let’s look at 3 common mistakes that increase unsubscribes from your list. Read the full article →

How to Improve Your Call to Action

7th August 2014

The beautiful website wasn’t getting any results. Oh, there were people coming to the site, but no one was calling and no one was buying. The problem wasn’t traffic to the site. The problem wasn’t pricing. The site’s poor performance was largely due to having botched the call to action part of the website. What made the call to action section of the site so awful was not the way it looked or the way it read, but the negligible results that it generated. Improving the call to action, which is easy when you know what to do, can dramatically boost the results you’re getting from your website. Let’s look at the key areas to increase the leads or sales coming through your website by fixing what’s wrong with your call to action. Read the full article →

Error on Your Website

24th July 2014

John thought things were going fairly well, but what he didn’t know was costing him a substantial sum. He knew sales on his website should be higher, but he blamed that on the economy. Then one day, for no particular reason, he was going through his website and made a discovery that made his heart sink. Let’s take a look at 3 common errors that people encounter on your website and what you should do about it. Read the full article →

Are Core Values Really That Important?

26th June 2014

Jack’s* company used to be # 1 in the Atlanta area in his industry. Unfortunately, that was before Jack took over. The company founder had a vision for his company – one that he lived by. With his vision of what could be and core values that guided his thinking, he started and built a thriving business. Today, the business is sick and unhealthy. The most tragic thing about the whole situation is how avoidable the current situation is. At the root of this tragedy is an important lesson that is essential to creating lasting growth in a business. Read the full article →

Lost at 3,000 Feet

11th June 2014

Everything seemed to be going great except for one little detail – I was lost. I was on the first leg of my first big solo cross-country flight, flying along somewhere between Lafayette, LA and Natchez, MS. On my navigation chart, I had drawn a nice neat line between the Lafayette and Natchez airports, and as I looked down at the river below me, I realized that the river bends below didn’t match up with what I saw on my map. This was not good. However, I had been trained on how to successfully handle this exact kind of situation. Let’s look at how you can use an old fashioned airplane navigation method to help you keep your business on the right course. Read the full article →

How Trust is Subtly Undermined

29th May 2014

Have you ever thought about what a big role the WHO plays in marketing? You’ve experienced this yourself where based on WHO the advertisement is from you were either turned off or receptive to it. The reaction that I’m speaking of here is not based on the content of the ad itself, but rather WHO the ad is from. The bottom line is that we trust some businesses and not others. Let’s take a look at one subtle way that trust is undermined. Awareness of this one key area can provide you with the opportunity to strengthen the trustworthiness of your business. Read the full article →

Ninja Time Management Tricks

15th May 2014

Did you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? I think we all feel that way at times. Despite having the same number of hours in their day as everyone else – some people just seem to consistently get so much stuff done. I’m not talking about those who only get by on 4 hours sleep at night – I’m talking about people who get 8 hours of sleep each night, spend time with family and friends, and yet still get an amazing amount of stuff accomplished each day. Let’s take a look at 3 ninja time management tricks that the super productive use to squeeze more accomplishment out of each day. Read the full article →