Is your web host hurting your SEO

1st May 2014

Some SEO ranking factors get all the attention while others get very little coverage. One of the least discussed factors that Google uses to determine which websites rank well and which don’t is your web host. There are several different ways that your webhost affects your SEO. Let’s take a look at how your webhost affects your ability to rank on the first page of Google as well as how you can easily see if your site is being damaged by these issues. Read the full article →

How NOT to Build Links For SEO

17th April 2014

As I went through my SEO checklist I made a chilling discovery – somebody had seriously messed up the chances for Danny’s website to show up on the first page of Google’s search results. Danny was unaware that there was anything unusual going on with his website – except of course that he wasn’t getting any leads or inquiries from it. He thought the problem was that he just wasn’t getting enough traffic to his website. What I discovered was that someone had committed the abominable sin of SEO link building and unless this was corrected, it would invalidate everything Danny was working to accomplish online. Let’s look at how not to build links for SEO. Save yourself time, money, and heartache by avoiding this mistake. Read the full article →

Top 3 SEO Mistakes US Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

3rd April 2014

“I’m just not getting much in the way of sales or even inquiries from my website.” It’s a common problem and one that I hear about all the time. If this strikes a chord with you – you’re not alone. Most small business websites are losing money. Although there are a variety of things that contribute to this situation – the common denominator among most sites in this situation is that they simply aren’t getting enough traffic. When a site isn’t getting enough traffic, usually it is because the website isn’t using SEO properly. Let’s take a look at the top three SEO mistakes that US businesses make and how to avoid them. Read the full article →

3 Easy LOCAL SEO Steps : How to Make your Business Appear on the First Page of Google

19th November 2013

“How do I make my business appear on the first page of Google?” has become, quite frankly, one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from my friends and clients. For many of them, the very answer to the question of how to get on the first page of Google means new prospects and leads. Although most local business owners do understand the importance of being visible to the local population, many are still intimidated by local SEO. Read the full article →

5 Fundamental SEO Strategies That Can Double Your Business

16th October 2013

Recently, I was asked to make a TV appearance and share 5 SEO strategies that entrepreneurs can use to double the amount of traffic coming into their website. It seems that more and more business owners are realizing that just having a website is not enough. A good SEO strategy is essential for driving people to a website. Let’s take a look at 5 different SEO strategies that literally have the power to double the amount of people coming into your website. Read the full article →

Three Tips for Keeping Your Website Safe

27th August 2013

There was an urgency that came through the email message loud and clear. “This just came – PLEASE HELP!” The message that was forwarded to me was one that would strike terror into the heart of any website owner – “WordPress fatal error – database connection lost.” I sent a quick reply and promised to investigate right away. What I discovered is something that you need to know that can help keep your website safe. Read the full article →

SEO Keywords

20th August 2013

As we looked through the client website, it became clear why they were getting very little traffic. Their website was a well-kept secret. Unless you knew to look for this website by name, you wouldn’t find it in Google. The website didn’t use SEO keywords and the result was that almost nobody was coming to the website. Let’s take a look at how you can discover the right keywords for your business and show up at the top of the search engines for those search terms. Read the full article →

How to Protect Your Website

23rd July 2013

Have you ever heard fear in a person’s voice? “My website’s gone!” The owner of the company’s voice was filled with fear. The money invested in advertising and promotion of the website – in bringing prospective clients to the website was suddenly in jeopardy. Instead of the company website, a big black page announced that this website was “Owned” by some hacker from Indonesia. “Can this be fixed? How did this happen? Why would someone do this? How can I keep this from happening again?” The questions came at a frantic pace. Jack’s* day had suddenly turned upside down. Let’s look at how common the threat of compromised websites really is and what you should do to protect yours. Read the full article →

How to Measure ROI for Your Website

9th July 2013

There is universal agreement among savvy business owners that a website should produce a positive return on investment (ROI). That a website should contribute to the financial health and prosperity of a business is common sense. The tricky part is how this should be measured, particularly for non-ecommerce websites. Let’s look at how this is done. Read the full article →

How to Boost Website Profitability

25th June 2013

“My website is different because my clients sign up with us in person, not online.” The myth embedded in this commonly heard answer from non-ecommerce business owners is that their website isn’t supposed to be profitable. The reality is that all websites should be profitable. They should produce tangible results that directly contribute the betterment and growth of the business. Let’s look at how you can boost the profitability of your website, regardless of your business model. Read the full article →