Improving Website Visibility

18th June 2013

“You’re everywhere!” Those words are like the sounds of a cash register ringing up the sale – music to any business owner’s ears. Improving your business and your website’s visibility is a key ingredient for thriving in any economy. It isn’t about luck and it has nothing to do with your competition. Increasing your visibility to achieve what’s known as omnipresence is about putting a few key systems in place and on auto-pilot. Read the full article →

How Your Website Should Turn a Profit

30th April 2013

Most websites don’t make money. Although it seems like everybody and his uncle has a website, very few of those sites are making any money for their owner. Most sites are put up without a clear idea of how the site will make money. For some, the idea that it should make money is revolutionary. Hopefully this doesn’t seem revolutionary to you. Most are simply unaware of how many different ways a website can be profitable. Let’s take a look at how your website should be making money for you. Read the full article →

What Your Customers Want Most of All

28th March 2013

Deep within our psyche, there is a need so great that we actively seek out people and businesses to fill it. Seldom is the need ever voiced. Instead, it is something that guides us on an emotional level. Even highly educated intellectuals are guided on an emotional level when it comes to this need. Businesses that master the ability to meet this need win customers for life. Let’s take a look at how you can win the hearts of life-long customers by meeting this need. Read the full article →

Do You Know Where Your Best Customers Come From?

5th March 2013

Silence greeted the question. Paul didn’t know where his best customers came from online and until I asked, the question never occurred to him. The truth is that once known, you can increase the profitability of your website exponentially. However, very few wonder about this question and even fewer discover the answer. Let’s look at how you can find out where your best and most profitable customers actually come from. Read the full article →

Does Your Website Make This Mistake?

26th February 2013

Most failing websites make the same exact mistake – they treat everyone the same in an attempt to be all things to all people. The result is that a very important connection is lost. Instead of the site actually engaging everyone who visits, few, if any, are engaged by it. Visitors to the site perceive it to be bland and generic. Marketing experts have a tool that you can use to ensure that your website does a better job of connecting with its visitors. Improving how well your site connects with visitors will increase sales. Read the full article →

How To Create Your Marketing Calendar

15th January 2013

Having a marketing calendar is one of the most powerful, pro-active things that you can do to ensure growth in your business for the coming year. Although of benefit to any business – far too few actually have one. Let’s take a look at how to quickly put one together and get past two of the most common obstacles that often keep business owners from reaping the rewards that come from having a marketing calendar in place. Read the full article →

Holiday Email Marketing – Reducing Unsubscribes

4th December 2012

It’s no secret that the holiday season is a magic time for retailers. In fact, for most retail stores, close to twenty percent of their annual sales volume will take place during the months of November and December. For jewelry stores, that figure is much, much higher – they typically receive close to thirty percent of their annual sales volume during the holidays. Those sales figures are achieved in large part through a flurry of advertising. How can business owners send out additional email advertising during the holidays without causing subscriber burnout? Read the full article →

Finding The Holiday Angle

28th November 2012

For most traditional retail stores, holiday marketing is easy. Lots of retail products make great gifts. But what if what you offer doesn’t fit the traditional gift-giving mold? Can holiday marketing still work for service based businesses or B2B companies? Let’s look at 3 themes for putting holiday marketing to work. Read the full article →

Where to find more clients

6th November 2012

Tom had just one burning question on his mind – “Where can I find more clients?” Although Tom’s business is probably different than yours, the process of discovering where you find more clients is the same. Let’s look at how you can find where more of your ideal clients are just hanging out. Read the full article →

The Multitasking Myth

5th September 2012

As Comair flight 5191 pulled out onto the runway, the eastern horizon was just starting to lighten – sunrise was still an hour away. The control tower cleared the plane for takeoff. Three minutes later, the plane broke apart and 49 people lost their lives. The ensuing investigation quickly uncovered the chain of events that led to disaster that fateful morning. Their findings have critical importance for you and me. Read the full article →

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