Business Development – the priority that often isn’t and 3 keys to fixing this

Often it seems that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Although this is a problem that most can relate to, it is especially costly for business owners.  For those who write their own paycheck, the situation is like a catch 22.  Without investing time in pursuit of business development, things will stay as they are.  However, although business development takes time and won’t immediately contribute to your bank account, it is essential for being in control of the direction your business is going and proactively creating your future.  Let’s look at 3 keys for making progress in your own business development, even when your schedule is full.

Planners are a key tool for business success

Schedule Blocks of time

The first step is to set aside time to focus on the fundamental task of shaping the future of your business.  Even an hour a week will be a step in the right direction.  Ideally you’re investing 4 – 8 hours each week in business development, but you’ve got to walk before you run, so start by picking a number that is realistic for you and your situation.  Even more important than the number of hours you devote, is the consistency with which you do this.  Don’t put this off until the end of the day when your energy is low and your mind is tired; schedule this business development time for when you will be fresh and alert.

Develop a business development plan

During your first scheduled time reserved for business development, create your game plan.  It doesn’t have to be perfect – there will be lots of opportunity to tweak it as you go along.  The most important thing here is that you have something you are working toward.  This gives your effort focus and direction, which when coupled with the consistency from step one, will give you momentum.

Delegate / outsource the routine

The key to increasing your business is that you take a proactive approach to creating your future.  As you devote more time to business development, you will gain momentum.  Devoting more time is not about just adding more hours of work into your day – chances are you’re already close to maxed out.  Investing increasing amounts of time in developing your business is about delegating and outsourcing the routine tasks that you are performing now, but that someone else can do for you.  By reallocating your time from doing the easy to delegate tasks, to doing the development work that only you can do, your business will grow to match your vision for it.

Investing time regularly in pursuit of developing your business is essential to creating a future that is better than today.  There are many Business Development activities out there.  Which ones will you pursue first?  What block of time in your schedule will you set aside to work on this?  What have you done previously (or currently) that worked that you will do more of?

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