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Time Management Tools

Create time for what is most important in your business by identifying the things that you’re doing right now but that you can easily cut back on, automate, or delegate.

Download the MIMP Time Log Template (Microsoft Excel) or signup for a Toggle account and start using it right away to gain control of your time.

Social Media Tools

Resources to make Social Media marketing easy. MIMP Social Media Tools


Super Secure VPN (virtual private network)

This is the best way to make sure that all of your online activity is encrypted and safe against hackers. It is scary how easy (and common) it is for people to have their passwords stolen and their online accounts hacked when they use the Internet from coffee shops, hotels, and other places where you can get free or public wifi. I’ve used this personally for quite some time now and absolutely love it. In fact I love it so much that I purchased accounts for my staff to use as well and recommend this all the time. Gain peace of mind for less than $6/month and protect yourself against the bad guys online with your very own secure VPN (Get a discount on your order using this link)