Case Study: Local Business Increases Leads Online

Interior designer begins getting leads from website after website remodel.


Resovate Office Design, formerly Avery Design, wanted to generate leads or inquiries from their website. Their current website, just like the previous version, hadn’t produced any leads. Catherine Avery, the owner, wanted a website that would actually generate leads for her business. Catherine said, “When I asked potential clients how they found me, I kept hoping that just once they would say ‘through your website,’ but that never happened – until I met Charles.”


My Internet Marketing Partner designed, developed, and implemented a new website with advanced marketing functionality to engage with Resovate’s target audience.

When asked what the development process was like, Catherine said, “The best part of working with Charles has been his ability to see the big picture and to think strategically about my business. There was a plan, a process and a reason for each element added. I know that every step of the way, Charles genuinely cares about me, my business and my success.”


  • MIMP designed a new website to provide a clean, modern look.
  • MIMP worked with Resovate to implement a simple web form as a lead capture device designed to engage with visitors to the website.
  • Resovate worked with MIMP to craft an automated marketing follow up sequence designed to build engagement and accelerate the know–like–trust factor with visitors to the website.

“My new website has been up for just over a month and already I have received three calls from potential clients who found me via my website.” – Catherine Avery, Resovate Office Design

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