Case Study: Online Business Launch

New online business lands on the first page of Google and gains customers nationwide.


CCES was a brand new business. The owner had a product and a business idea, but no established customer base to leverage. The product was a unique piece of software that would appeal to a very narrow target audience of other businesses. The business idea was to create an online store in order to sell the product. The new product had several large, established competitors in the marketplace. Keith Bannister, the owner of CCES, approached Charles Ogwyn looking for the leadership, marketing expertise, and creative ingenuity that would be required to successfully launch a new business selling a new product in a niche market where there were large competitors.


Ogwyn conducted market research and created an Internet marketing strategy as well as a plan for product fulfillment.


  • After researching competing products, Ogwyn crafted a compelling story to convey the software’s unique advantages in a memorable way.
  • The website was created and developed by Ogwyn to provide a professional image to establish credibility.
  • Ogwyn selected and implemented a shopping cart to securely process online orders as well as integrate with an external system for 3rd party product fulfillment.
  • Based on SEO research, Ogwyn optimized the website to appear on the first page of Google search results for the most valuable keyword phrase.
  • Ogwyn developed a plan for outsourced product fulfillment so that CCES could see order status in real-time as well as verify the integrity of the system on-demand, without having to worry about processing orders themselves.

“In my wildest imagination, I never could have dreamed how big this has become! Charles has worked like a dog on my success and nobody has ever done that before. I can’t express how much I have appreciated his expert guidance each step of the way.” – Keith Bannister, CCES

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