Case Study: Online Retailer Increases Sales 100% with Improved Usability

Niche online retailer doubles sales by fixing website usability problems.


Campbell’s Scottish Terriers, an established online retailer with a 2nd generation website needed to find a solution to common customer complaints about their website. The owner had a few complaints of her own about the e-commerce software and just wanted to get the problems fixed.


My Internet Marketing Partner worked with CST to document the most common complaints about the website. Next, MIMP investigated the complaints and created a plan to resolve them.


  • MIMP discovered that the biggest complaint for Campbell’s was due to a browser compatibility issue, so Karen Campbell, the owner, was able to use a different web browser as a temporary workaround.
  • The customer complaints were determined by MIMP to be caused by fundamental flaws in the e-commerce software, so a suitable alternative was identified.
  • MIMP created a migration plan for the store that would allow for a zero downtime migration from one shopping cart platform and server to another.
  • During the development of the new website, MIMP corrected fundamental website usability (UX) flaws that existed in the old website.
  • After extensive testing, MIMP deployed the new website with zero downtime, so that email and website service smoothly transitioned from the old server to the new.
  • Website sales increased 100% over the same time period (3rd quarter) the previous year on the same volume of traffic to the website.

“Previously, my customers had multiple problems with the shopping cart. Now it works! My customers love it! Honestly, Charles saved my online business and I can’t thank him enough.” – Karen Campbell, Campbell’s Scottish Terriers

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