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Charles of My Internet Marketing Partner has been an invaluable resource for us since we began working with him in the fall of 2014. He has helped us get our social media on track (we went from 49 to over 500 followers on Facebook in five months) and shown us how to get the most out of each platform.

He has also had many suggestions for other aspects of marketing and communication (our email list grew from 76 to 445 in five months of working with Charles). While building our website (which came out great) he switched us over to more economical and effective online store and mass communication platforms. While working with him, any “bumps in the road” have been addressed quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a website, or needing guidance to get started with social media, select or learn more about mass email communication options, or an online store for your website.

Paul Staveteig

Paul Staveteig, M.D.
Radiologist at TRA

Our company struggled with an older website that was not meeting our PR nor internal employee needs. Mr. Ogwyn definitively identified and fixed our website struggles.

Working together, Mr. Ogwyn helped us split the existing website into two separate websites, one public site for generating business needs, and a private site for our internal company and employee processes. He integrated the public site with social media accounts. In the internal website, he helped us create online forms and custom databases, allowing us to migrate processes previously performed with fax onto a distributed online system.

Mr Ogwyn understood our business, our internet needs, and worked with us both through busy times and quieter times. He was punctual, accountable and responsive. I was very grateful we chose Mr. Ogwyn for our website and internet projects.

Our company had put off updating our web-site for years due to cost of hiring a web-designer and the time commitment for providing content. We decided this was an investment we could not put off any longer.

Charles Ogwyn, who is “My Internet Marketing Partner” is someone we contacted to try and update our existing web-site.

Our intent was to have an updated, professional site that we could make changes to without hiring a web programmer every time we needed to make small changes.

Charles took the time to listen to our needs and provided input and advice for items we should cover on our new site. He also taught us about what needed to be done to make sure our site was optimized to appear as a top choice when searching on sites such as Google.

We were given several theme options to choose from up front and then when the initial site was ready we were able to test drive the site before going live.

The results far exceeded our expectations.

Our current customers have commented on how nice the site is as have perspective customers. Several new customers and suppliers have called us and when asked how they found us we were told it was the web site.

Many companies first impression of a firm is from their web-site. Not only that, many people we work with have stated one of their ways to gauge a vendors credit worthiness is to examine their web-site.

Charles also helped us with our email signatures and branding to be consistent and professional throughout our organization. Our signatures have our contact info, website link, vCard, map to our office and an email link with our logo. This branding has allowed us to put our best foot forward, emphasized that we are a professional firm, and gives the right impression to our customers.

They also monitor the health of our web-site, making sure it is always up and is virus free.

Rest assured My Internet Marketing Partner should be your partner as well.

Cristina McCandless

Cristina McCandless
Crone’s Eye Collective

Before meeting Charles, I’d been trying to get my website online for several years. Two things blocked my progress: I was inhibited by my web designer and I had difficulty focusing on writing the website content. Then there was the annoyance of an every changing price tag. Meanwhile, I was loosing business because I didn’t have website where potential clients could see my work. I thought about trying to use one of those online DIY website developer programs, but come on, I didn’t have the time to invest and I know there is more to good website design than filling in the blanks of some template. Then I met web marketing guru, Charles Ogwyn.

Charles immediately made me feel comfortable and safe. All of his extreme professionalism, reliability and expertise aside, I could finally express my opinions and ask for what I wanted. Yeah, building someone’s business website also requires a few interpersonal skills and I totally trusted Charles to translate my unorthodox ideas into an SEO maximized website that reflected my business’s personality.

Without Charles’s gentle guidance and patience I’d still be website-less and loosing business.

Bob Freitag

When I started AmeriClaims, Public Adjusters more than ten years ago, the internet was not what it is today. In fact we didn’t even have a web site when we first began.

We soon realized that we needed one and I had a friend set one up. It never performed the way I wanted it to and never had the right look. I interviewed several companies and just did not find the right company that I felt really understood our business. I was having lunch with some attorneys who work across the hall from me, and they first told me about Charles Ogwyn and My Internet Marketing Partner. Charles had recently built a new web site for them and they were very happy with it.

I immediately contacted Charles and we began working together right away. Charles understood our business right away and was easy to talk to. Our business is unique because most people do not know our official title and are unsure what to search for on the web. Charles understood this and helped us launch a brand new, professional looking and performing site, that finally represents our company. He also helped us with the SEO and linking our social media sites so it is now very easy to blog and post articles and have them hit all media outlets at once.

Within the first month of the new site going live, a homeowner who suffered a significant house fire, found our web site, called us, and retained our services. We regularly now get phone calls from customers who found our website. We also routinely get email notifications that let us know when someone has downloaded our free emergency guide from the web site. This is a great device that we never had before, and is another tool on our site that allows us to provide useful information to people who have found our website. It is a great feeling when a prospective client calls the office, and says they found our web site and it prompted them to call us for more information.

I am so glad that Charles was referred to me. He is one of those rare people that does what he says he is going to do for you. I would highly recommend Charles and My Internet Marketing Partner to anyone who wants to redesign a web site or increase traffic through their SEO program.

For over three years, I struggled with websites that broke down, lacked SEO and were not attracting traffic, all with website developers who were difficult to reach or understand. When I asked potential clients how they found me, I kept hoping that just once they would say “through your website”, but that never happened – until I met Charles.

I met Charles Ogwyn through my mastermind group and was immediately struck by not only his thorough knowledge of websites, marketing and SEO, but also by his integrity, his warmth and his patient ability to explain that to a non-technical person. I knew that I only wanted to work with Charles and his company, My Internet Marketing Partner.

The best part of working with Charles has been his ability to see the big picture and to think strategically about my business. There was a plan, a process and a reason for each element added. I know that every step of the way, Charles genuinely cares about me, my business and my success.

My new website has been up for just over a month and already I have received three calls from potential clients who found me via my website. Charles has gone above and beyond anything I ever expected from a website developer. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. He truly is YOUR Internet Marketing Partner!

Michal Klau-Stevens

Michal Klau-Stevens

Working with Charles has moved my business plan from stagnation to launch! Before I started working with Charles I was floundering and frustrated, and had spent months trying to do things on my own and got nowhere. I had a vision for my online business, but the technology demands for setting up my website were beyond my skill level. I also needed guidance on building my list, so I was looking for someone who would do more than just set up my website for me. Charles helped me set up a technology platform that works for my budget and business now, and will grow as my business grows. He knows how to work an online business, and he taught me best practices for increasing my reach and maximizing the content I am creating. I launched my first on-demand downloadable class in just a few months of working with Charles and I am excited about my future! I could not have done it without him! If anyone has questions about the value of working with Charles, I am happy to talk with them about it, because it was worth every penny for me.

Melissa Cappleman

Melissa Cappleman
Money Savings Expert

Before working with Charles I was very nervous about the content for my business and coaching program launch. I was afraid that all the work I had done would not connect with my market and my launch would fail.

When I spoke with Charles and he offered me a very reasonable rate, I immediately jumped at the chance to work with him. I was relieved to have him help me make my launch a success.

I asked Charles to tweak my launch content and I needed a very tight turnaround. Within 6 ½ hours, he returned the polished work to me. As a result, I feel much more confident about my launch. He offered advice on other important website issues and he has answered my questions after the work was complete.

My advice for other business owners is to call Charles when you need a knowledgeable professional on the job. He is a marketing genius. He has a sterling reputation for a reason…he delivers!

Lainie Barbieri M.A. Ed
Educational Specialist

Before working with Charles, I was using this “OTHER” website company that didn’t treat me well at all. They said they would fix and update my site but they NEVER did what they said they would do!!!

I called Charles to ask him to make a few changes to my site. Well…………. as he was making changes and checking out my word press installation, he discovered that what my OLD, FIRED website people didn’t do what they had been paid to do – some of the updates, and changes NEVER took place. He helped me put together an email to send to my old website people to let them know of their mistakes, and coached me through the process in how to deal with them. Charles was WONDERFUL, supportive and so easy to speak with as I dealt with this.

Charles has gone above and beyond what I paid him for. He has been wonderful to work with and I look forward to continuing working with him.

My advice for those struggling with making your website work for you is to call Charles, he is your man. You will be very happy with his get back to you speed, his charming voice and his professionalism through the process.

He is worth his weight in gold. As they say.

William Brazzell
Plaza Baptist Church

I was running a little late with things this week so I just finished putting last week’s sermons on our webpage. Every time I sit down here and do that I am always so thankful for you and your guys for giving me the information that allows me to do this each week

I wish I could shout it out to everyone how you and your guys made it possible for me to do the things for Plaza Baptist Church that I can do each week.

So thank you guys for the work on the webpage. All the changes you made have paid off. We have had eight or nine new members come and join Plaza Baptist since reworking the webpage. That is big in this day and time.

Karen Campbell
Cambell’s Scottish Terriers

Last year, my website did not work for me. My customers had multiple problems with the shopping cart. I met Charles in September and hired him to “fix” the website, if possible. He quickly fixed it so that I could add and edit product descriptions and determined that several key features weren’t fixable.

Then we began the journey of a new website with a very workable shopping cart. It works! My customers love it!

Charles is so helpful, so available, and so dedicated to making sure the website works seamlessly. Honestly, Charles saved my online business and I can’t thank him enough.

Chad Hannon
State Farm Insurance Agent
Indian Trail, NC

As a State Farm agent, I am always looking for different ways to promote my business. The market we are a part of today is very technology driven and having a presence on the internet is very important. The first three and half years I was in business, I used an internet optimization company to drive my listing on Google. I was unable to speak with anybody consistently that could help me with my needs and never really saw any consistent results.

Then came Charles and My Internet Marketing Partner. From the time I met Charles, I knew that he was going to be different. Charles truly takes the time to sit down with me and determine the needs of my business. He asks in-depth questions to determine what would be needed to drive business to my agency. I have seen tremendous results since I have been working with Charles and he continually asks me for ways in which we can improve my presence on the internet. My business has definitely grown as a result of working with Charles and I would highly recommend to any business owner to take time to speak to Charles. He will change your life! Thank you Charles!

Dawn Rothenbacher

Before working with Charles our website was functional, kind of, but flat out ugly! Our hands were full running the day to day operations of our business, with no extra time to overhaul our outdated website.

Charles quickly showed us how to improve sales, attract new customers and build trust with our shoppers, making their experience effortless.

His new design blew us out of the water! It was beautiful, and beyond our expectations. The process was completely painless and easy! We told him what colors our logo was and a little bit about our business and he did the rest. With a few meetings for our feedback, he gave us options and kept us completely in control.

It’s just amazing! And our staff and customers love it!

Jeanine Thompson

I am thrilled with Charles and his partnership on the creation of my web-site for my new business. Charles is very talented and well versed in multiple technology interfaces required for my business.

I am technologically challenged to say the least and I experienced great comfort in receiving seamless integration and expert advice. Charles was very responsive and was an exceptional partner with the other providers also contributing to the web site development. Strategy, execution and the final outcome superseded my expectations. Thank you Charles – I highly recommend you and your team!

Jessica Cunningham

Jessica Cunningham

Before we started working with Charles, we were very skeptical and worried about pricing, since we had never really worked with anyone outside our own company on our website and had a very limited budget. When we started working with Charles, we found him to be incredibly helpful and very professional, and very personal at the same time. He understood that this is our family’s life’s work, over three generations and treated our website with the respect and critique it deserved.

We found his prices to be outstandingly reasonable for the amount of work he did for us! He worked with our budget and even after he was done, he has gone above and beyond to help us correct any issues that might come up when we try to work on our site ourselves and help us understand what to do for the future to fix issues ourselves!

As a result, we have found someone we can trust and come to rely on for any issues we come across and are so thankful we found him! Wouldn’t know what we would do without him! 😉

Doughton Horton
Smith Horton Law

Before working with Charles, we had a website that was actually doing us more harm than good. Visually, it was very complicated and cluttered. Even if you were to visit our website, you probably weren’t going to stay on it very long because it wasn’t user-friendly. Not only was it difficult to navigate through, it wasn’t easy to obtain the information you were looking for in a simple and efficient manner.

Additionally, Charles was able to analyze our site and run various tests on it to determine that we essentially had a “boat anchor” attached to it. That is, our site had somehow become associated and linked to other websites that had been flagged by Google. This obviously did not result in a lot of traffic coming to our website. As a result, Charles worked extensively with us to make sure we could shed this “boat anchor” so we could get back on track.

Because of these concerns, Charles helped our firm simplify our website so that it was infinitely more user-friendly. Within the first week of “going live” with our website, we received numerous compliments on the improvement and professional look of our website. Charles is now helping us generate traffic to our website.

Charles is knowledgeable and savvy when it comes to internet marketing. If you’re looking to improve your website, and would like to do it with someone who can help you do so efficiently and effectively, Charles Ogwyn is your guy. Simply put, you will not be disappointed.

Tony Gary
2Kings4 Consultants

Working with Charles has been an eye opening experience. Having no knowledge of any value about internet marketing or the importance of a well designed website, I was doubtful if I would be of any assistance to him in the project and if I would like the end result. I must say though that I am elated with the result and so appreciative for Charles’ patience and expertise. Our website is great and I expect much success from it! I had many questions, which he answered, with kindness and humility which means the world to me. I do, would and will recommend his company to anyone seeking to maximize their internet marketing potential and website development.

Jason Ogwyn
Del Norte Outfitters
Spring Branch, TX.
(210) 837-9294

I’d like to express my complete gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and effort you put forth in building and designing my website. In the hunting industry, it’s important that my clients are able to have a website that combines visual and useful information. Providing updates throughout the season, new photos, opportunities and keeping in touch is very important. I found that the new website you built has provided me with all the above.

For me, my website is more than just a brochure. It provides up to date marketing and client control, hands on use by my company, and freedom to make changes as I need in a timely and efficient manner.

I was pleased by your dedication to see it was built quickly and correctly. I found that working with your team of professionals was an education in itself. I am not great with computers, but I was able to work closely with your company to understand and trust the process that was taking place.

I have seen wonderful results since we launched our new site just months ago. I’m now sending out quarterly news letters, and marketing to hundreds of new customers and I owe you and your company all the credit for getting us in front of the right market. Thanks again for all the hard work, dedication and professionalism you showed in this project.

Mike DeSimone
Research Air Flow, Inc.

Before working with Charles I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I knew how to do the technical work in the field but did not know how to run a business! I was limiting the potential and growth of the business. I was working very long and stressful hours.

When I started working with Charles as an advisor, he helped me to see the bigger picture and step back and take action in very high leverage areas that I could not see, being stuck in the battle field. He was able to easily see and point out needs that aren’t obvious to most. In fact this is likely the reason that most small businesses fail.

By taking action on the input and advice that he has given over the past couple of years. I have been able to grow the business in ways that I could not even have known. After working with Charles, our profits are up by over 260%, over the same time last year and the number of jobs we have received has increased by 34% as compare to the same time last year. Through his advice we have developed programs that have prepared us to handle this growth and are laying the infrastructure for even greater growth in the future. With Charles as an advisor at my right hand the company has been able to grow in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Even though we’ve had all of this growth, I still have been able to reduce the number of hours I am working to usually no more than 8 to 10 hours in a day. Previously I used to work 12-18 hour days and frequently had to pull all-nighters. Now I can take a vacation and not have to worry about much. I literally have more time now with my family than I have in years and my stress level has gone way down.

My advice for those struggling with growing your business is to have an advisor that can help you see the big picture and that has experience in the area of helping small to mid-size businesses grow. I will continue to use Charles as my “right hand man” and counselor. He has become a good friend and has added an immeasurable amount of value to our company and to my life.

Nancy B. Tracy
InnerLight Rosaries

I started my Anglican Rosary business in 2000 and although I knew my product was good, I struggled with advertising and sales. I was only able to reach local individuals and businesses, but dreamed of doing more.

A Google search in 2001 connected me with Charles and I contacted him for help. He listened carefully to my wants and needs and made my dream a reality with the design and promotion of my beautiful website. My little business has grown by leaps and bounds – and today I receive orders from all over the world.

Charles has been with me step by step, suggesting cost-efficient and affordable additions to my website that always result in increased sales. He is immediately responsive to my needs and is incredibly easy to work with. InnerLight Rosaries is still a one-woman operation, but thanks to Charles and his expertise, it has a worldwide reputation!

I highly recommend him as a mentor, webpage designer, advertiser, and webmaster. I wanted to include that I received all this help from him and have never even met him in person! People need to know how EASY he is to work with! Thank YOU Charles! By the way, I received my largest order to date just today, from Australia: 70 pieces!

It must have been a divine hand that guided me to choose Charles years ago when I looked on Google for someone to help me build my business on the Internet. In the nine years that we have been working together we have sold more than I ever thought possible. In my wildest imagination, I never could have dreamed how big this has become! Charles has worked like a dog on my success and nobody has ever done that before. I can’t express how much I have appreciated his expert guidance each step of the way.I have admired his honesty and integrity and have come to rely almost solely on him for my success! Charles has spoiled me with keen insights, incredible service, and his trademark efficiency. Time and again he has exceeded my expectations.

If you’re looking for someone to help you build your business on the Internet, look no further. This guy’s the absolute best!!

Keith Bannister
Canada Customs Export Software

Carole Osborne

Carole Osborne
Send Out A Hug

I was attracted to Charles’ concept of turning websites into an ATM, but because of past experiences, I was leery to get started. Before I met Charles, the process of designing a website was daunting, frustrating and overwhelming to me. His calm spirit, honesty and exceptional patience gave me confidence. He “held my hand” at every step of the process, provided expert guidance and showed great integrity. I am so appreciative of his commitment to my project. Thank you, Charles for all you’ve done!
Derwin Griffith

Derwin Griffith
Griffith Bailbonds

I have the pleasure of working with Charles Ogwyn as my website developer to help grow my business. Charles is dedicated, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable when it pertains to Internet Marketing. He has helped me achieve great success in my business.

Before working with Charles I felt like a hamster on a wheel, since working with Charles my Google ranking has increased tremendously as well as the vision for my business. Charles is very personable and encouraging when it comes to helping you in your business. I don’t know what I would have done without his assistance.

Before working with you, our website had been online for a little over a year. We came to you because although we had a website and a great product, we had zero sales through the website. Within the first couple of months after you took over the marketing and design for our website, we had our first sale from the web. Thanks to your Internet marketing “magic”, our sales from people calling in from our website are now running $12,000 to $16,000 each month! Your expertise has been invaluable.My recommendation for anyone who struggles with making their website deliver results is to start working with you as fast as they can.

Dickie Votier
Partner, Magic Carpets

Eric Brown
2Kings4 Consultants

It is true there are many web designers out there and I am sure many are very good at what they do from a technical standpoint. But what was equally important to me was to work with someone with integrity…and who showed genuine concern for the success of my new small business. Charles was able to deliver on every level. I was truly grateful for his invested diligence and exemplary patience. I know he will continue to be interested in the well-being of our internet efforts because he truly puts a part of himself in his work. If you are looking for a real partner in your success and do not want to be just another paycheck for someone else then I highly recommend building a friendship with Charles.

Bob Cole
Louisiana Iris Farms, LLC.

We had our website up for about two years with nothing to show for it except maybe one or two sales. Within about 35 days after Charles started working on our site, we got our first sale from the Internet and the number of people coming to our website is now up by 222%. We’ve had calls and emails from all over as a result of people finding out about us on the Internet and seeing our website. Business has continued to grow as a result of your work with our website. Thank you.

If you are looking for someone who can take a non-performing website and make it deliver results, look no further.


Owner Vivette’s Limousine Service

I have had GREAT SUCCESS from my web site and I am very proud of it! The results have been INCREDIBLE! You have done a WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you so much!

Rebecca Mooney

Rebecca Mooney
E.D.S. Ring Splints

I wanted to let you know that I setup the email marketing stuff just like you suggested. A new customer, who signed up for the mailing list last week (through the form on my website) just placed an order. That is awesome in my book. Her sale just paid for the email software! Very cool. Very cool indeed. Thanks again!

Charles designed my new website for me and I just love it. But more importantly the people I am trying to attract to my site really find it inviting. He is easy to work with and prompt in replying to your questions. I have sent him other clients who complimented my site.

Are you curious about how you too can experience what it is like to have more customers and take your business to the next level and whether this is right for you? The only way to find out for us to talk. Call me at 704-737-8945 or fill out the form below and let’s set up a get-acquainted session. I want to hear about your struggles, hear about your situation and we’ll see if I can help.