Green and Growing

When I was first out of high school, I worked as a laborer in the hot Arkansas, Louisiana, and east Texas oil-fields during the summer break from college.  I saw a lot of guys, just punching the clock and doing their time – living paycheck to paycheck.  They weren’t fully engaged in life.  Nothing really exciting going on in their lives, except for the drama that came from making bad choices.  Each summer I noticed that some were decaying while others were growing and advancing.  There was no staying exactly the same.  Everyone is either growing or decaying.  Let’s look at two keys for staying green and growing both personally and professionally.

Green and growing

Green and growing

Two States

Nature knows only two states – life and death.  This is a universal law and it applies to our businesses and the groups and organizations that we are a part of as well as to us, both personally and professionally.  Universal laws, like this one, are in effect regardless of whether or not we are aware of them.  The best part about recognizing and understanding this law, is that to a very great degree we get to choose which state we are in.  The choices that we make have a huge impact on our circumstances and on whether we are growing or decaying.

Current Project

What project are you working on right now?  Not in the sense of a list of to-do items that you are knocking out one by one, but in the sense of a project that captures your imagination and ignites your passion.  Perhaps it is a new advertising promotion that you are developing, or a new line of products that you’re adding to your store.  Perhaps it’s a renovation of your home or office space.  Maybe it’s a strategic alliance that you’re cultivating.  Maybe it’s a new client project that you’re really excited about.  Perhaps your project is one of personal growth in some area.  Having a project that you are always working on keeps you fully engaged, moving forward, and growing.

Investing in Your Future

In the last 90 days, what have you done to invest in yourself and in your future?  Investing in yourself and your future can take many forms.  It always involves an investment of time and usually of money.  Perhaps it is time spent honing our mastery of our craft or expanding our skills in a certain area.  Maybe it’s time spent reading books that expand our thinking and enhance the value that we bring to others.  Perhaps it involves a financial investment in our business or to work with a coach.  Investing in your future is one of the keys for staying green.

Staying green and growing is about being fully engaged in life and living it to the full.  It’s about immersing yourself in exciting projects and investing in yourself and continuing to grow and expand.  One of my heroes when it comes to staying green and growing was Santy Runyon, who even in his 90’s was actively working on new inventions in his business.  What an example!

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