How to Achieve Quantum Leaps

The really big leaps in life don’t come through the pursuit of gradual gains.  In fact, the “try harder” and “work faster” mantras will only take you so far in life.  Pursued to their logical conclusion they lead to diminishing returns and eventually burn out.  In fact, the game changing ideas, the breakthrough performances – in short the quantum leaps forward that we’re looking for, come from leveraging our gifts and trying the unconventional. 

If you’re into long winded books, don’t waste your time with this one.  If on the other hand, you like to cut to the chase, this book was written for you.  At just 36 pages in length, this book is really a booklet, but don’t let the size fool you – the content between the covers really packs a punch.  You Squared is about 18 key components for reaching your personal best performance and building massive success through less effort.  It is about multiplying your personal effectiveness objectives and leaping beyond ordinary performance.

Sooner or later you’ll reach the point where you can’t try any harder or run any faster.  Long before you reach that set of circumstances, you reach the point of diminishing returns where trying harder and harder produces less and less.  If we don’t take time out to “sharpen the saw,” as Stephen Covey would say, we eventually run out of steam, so to speak.   Sometimes intensifying your efforts produces bigger problems.  This is not about minimizing the importance of self-discipline and persistence.  Over a lifetime these virtues make a powerful contribution to achievement and success.  This book is about recognizing that attempting to succeed through “more of the same,” can blind you to better pathways.

You Squared requires an abrupt change in behavior.  It is about using finesse instead of brute strength.  It is about recognizing that faith in the familiar is a trap.  It is about recognizing the ruts and getting out of them.  Quantum leaps come when you’re seeking the elegant solution.  It won’t be as complicated or as time-consuming as your present struggle.

You Squared, by Price Pritchett, PH.D., contains a high-velocity formula for multiplying your personal effectiveness and the effectiveness of your staff in quantum leaps.  (Dr. Prichett is a world renowned expert on personal and organizational change.)  This is one of those books that you’ll find yourself re-reading because you get so much high-value content out of it.

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