How to Put News Headlines to Work in Your Business

The single most important factor in the success of an advertisement is the headline.  In fact, studies show that the headline is 50-75 percent responsible for the success or failure of the advertisement!  With all that is competing for our time and attention, the headline must stand out, grab our attention, and compel us to read further.  The decision to read on or skip the ad completely is made in just seconds, based largely on the effectiveness of the headline.  Let’s look at the formula behind some of the most successful headlines of all time.

Extra! Extra! Read all About It!

Extra! Extra! Read all About It! News style headlines are great for grabbing attention and promoting sales.

One of the most important functions of advertising is to present new products or services, tell about new improvements, or special purchasing opportunities.  Department stores use news headlines because they reliably bring people into the store.  Automobile manufacturers use news headlines because they predictably grab your attention.  News headlines are great for getting attention and promoting sales.  Here are 7 different news headline formulas along with a couple of examples of each formula in use.

 1.  Begin your headline with the word “Introducing”

Introducing the All-New Lexus 2013 GS

Introducing a Special Gift for a Special Time of Year

2.  Begin your headline with the word “Announcing”

Announcing Flash Media Server 4.5 on Amazon Web Services

Announcing a New Help in Solving the Homeowner’s Problem

An Important Announcement to Homeowners (the word “Announcing” can also be used in other forms or elsewhere in the headline as in this example)

3.  Use words that have an announcement quality

Presenting the New iPad

Thank You for Making us America’s Truck Company

4.  Begin your headline with the word “New”

New Passenger Side Airbag

New Fuel Efficient Engine

5.  Begin your headline with the word “Now”

Now Available for the iPad and Kindle

Now Available in Charlotte!

6.  Begin your headline with the words “At last”

At Last!  Now You Can Have All of Your Flight Charts on Your iPad

At Last!  A Toothbrush Guaranteed for 6 Months

7.  Put a date into your headline

Reduce Your Golf Handicap With These New 2012 Golf Clubs

April Air Conditioning Tune-Up Special

Save 20% on Your Utilities this Year

News style headlines are great for standing out and grabbing attention.  Above are seven different ways to create a news style headline.  There is a reason that you see these formulas for news headlines used so often.  They work for other businesses and they’ll work for you too.  If you split test your headlines, you’ll soon find out which headline produces the biggest response.  How can you use a news style headline for your business?

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