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Catherine Avery

Catherine Avery Resovate Office Design

For over three years, I struggled with websites that broke down, lacked SEO and were not attracting traffic, all with website developers who were difficult to reach or understand. When I asked potential clients how they found me, I kept hoping that just once they would say “through your website”, but that never happened – until I met Charles.

I met Charles Ogwyn through my mastermind group and was immediately struck by not only his thorough knowledge of websites, marketing and SEO, but also by his integrity, his warmth and his patient ability to explain that to a non-technical person. I knew that I only wanted to work with Charles and his company, My Internet Marketing Partner.

The best part of working with Charles has been his ability to see the big picture and to think strategically about my business. There was a plan, a process and a reason for each element added. I know that every step of the way, Charles genuinely cares about me, my business and my success.

My new website has been up for just over a month and already I have received three calls from potential clients who found me via my website. Charles has gone above and beyond anything I ever expected from a website developer. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. He truly is YOUR Internet Marketing Partner!

Discover how to make your website work like an ATM.

  • The fatal flaw that dooms most websites to failure before they even launch. What it is and how to easily avoid it. (page 4)
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  • 4 things that every website must have in order to work like an ATM. When these are in place, your website will give you money in the form of new clients and qualified prospects. (page 7)
  • The biggest problem facing small business owners when choosing a web designer and what you can do about it. Learn the top 3 things you should look for in an Internet partner. Just knowing this can save you lots of time and money when it comes to developing your website. (page 8)

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Chad Hannon
State Farm Insurance Agent

As a State Farm agent, I am always looking for different ways to promote my business. The market we are a part of today is very technology driven and having a presence on the internet is very important. The first three and half years I was in business, I used an internet optimization company to drive my listing on Google. I was unable to speak with anybody consistently that could help me with my needs and never really saw any consistent results.

Then came Charles and My Internet Marketing Partner. From the time I met Charles, I knew that he was going to be different. Charles truly takes the time to sit down with me and determine the needs of my business. He asks in-depth questions to determine what would be needed to drive business to my agency. I have seen tremendous results since I have been working with Charles and he continually asks me for ways in which we can improve my presence on the internet. My business has definitely grown as a result of working with Charles and I would highly recommend to any business owner to take time to speak to Charles. He will change your life! Thank you Charles!

Karen Campbell
Cambell’s Scottish Terriers

Last year, my website did not work for me. My customers had multiple problems with the shopping cart. I met Charles in September and hired him to “fix” the website, if possible. He quickly fixed it so that I could add and edit product descriptions and determined that several key features weren’t fixable. Then we began the journey of a new website with a very workable shopping cart. It works! My customers love it! Charles is so helpful, so available, and so dedicated to making sure the website works seamlessly. Honestly, Charles saved my online business and I can’t thank him enough.