Why You Should Read – “How Successful People Think”

Change your thinking, change your life.  This simple concept has profound implications for all who take it to heart.  There are certain common denominators in the way that highly successful people think and approach thinking.  If you’re looking for a touchy-feely book to make you feel good about yourself, don’t read any further, this book isn’t for you.  If you are looking to improve your thinking in any of the 11 areas below, then this is the book for you.

“How Successful People Think” is the perfect compact read for those with busy schedules who want to improve their game and understand that this involves improving their thinking.  Author John Maxwell covers 11 areas of thinking in a free flowing style that will both inspire and challenge you.

11 Keys to improve your thinking, from “How Successful People Think”:

  1. Cultivate Big-Picture Thinking
  2. Engage in Focused Thinking
  3. Harness Creative Thinking
  4. Employ Realistic Thinking
  5. Utilize Strategic Thinking
  6. Explore Possibility Thinking
  7. Learn from Reflective Thinking
  8. Question Popular Thinking
  9. Benefit from Shared Thinking
  10. Practice Unselfish Thinking
  11. Rely on Bottom-Line Thinking


Each area is covered in roughly 10 pages and includes the following as it relates to the area being discussed:

  1. Quotable quotes
  2. Benefits of each type of thinking
  3. How to improve your thinking in each area


Reading this book won’t suddenly make you into the next Albert Einstein, any more than reading about the moon will make you an astronaut.  What this book will do is provide you with information that, when implemented, will change your thinking and change your life.   With these eleven keys to more effective thinking, you’ll more clearly see the path to your own personal success.

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