Where to find more clients

Tom had just one burning question on his mind – “Where can I find more clients?” Although Tom’s business is probably different than yours, the process of discovering where you find more clients is the same.  Let’s look at how you can find where more of your ideal clients are just hanging out.

Finding more clients is easy when you’re super clear about who they are.

Finding more clients is easy when you’re super clear about who they are.

Who is your ideal client?

The starting point for finding more new customer is to get super clear on who your ideal customer actually is.  You’ve got to be able to describe your ideal customer in as much detail as possible.  The more details you know about your ideal customer the better.  Don’t let the term “ideal” throw you.  This exercise is not about fantasizing about the billionaire who might just come along one day and make you very wealthy.

What is it that makes for an ideal customer?  Is it someone who is easy to work with?  Is it someone who will recommend you to their friends and family?  Perhaps it’s someone who provides you with an incredibly compelling testimonial.  Maybe it is someone who gets especially great results from working with you.  Usually it is someone who is easy to communicate with.

Perhaps your business serves a wide range of customers.  This still applies – you just need to create more than one ideal client profile.  Create a different profile for each type of ideal client that you serve.

Your ideal client profile should include basic demographic information like age and sex.  It should go much further than that to include the types of issues that they have.  What is it that motivates and drives them?  What issues do they tend to have?  When you know what issues they tend to have, your marketing can be tailored to really speak to them.  What magazines, newspapers or other periodicals do they read?  What do they do in their free time?  What hobbies do they have?  What groups or associations do they belong to?

Your ideal client should be someone that you can identify in fairly great detail so that you can more easily find and serve more of them.

Where are your ideal clients?

Once you know in great detail who exactly your ideal client is, the hardest part is complete.  Finding clients is easy when you know who you’re looking for.  When you know what publications they read, you know where you should advertise in order to reach them.  When you know what groups they are a part of, you know where you can reach them.   When you know what their hobbies are, you gain insight on additional places to reach them with your message as well as ideas on how your message can be versioned to really resonate and make an impact with them.

For you find more clients may be about showing up in a different place than you’ve been before.  Most likely finding more clients is about tweaking your message so that speaks to your ideal client in a compelling way.  For Tom, finding more clients was about a little bit of both.

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